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ECO Pharmacy was started with one main goal “We want to be the easiest Pharmacy to do business with.” Our founding pharmacist had experience working in the big box pharmaceutical industry and realized that there was an easier and better way to help people. Over the last four years our team has focused on developing programs that help make peoples live easier and lead to healthy and happy lifestyles. This core business focus has been a key to our success and is driving our organization’s growth to include a nationwide service offering and footprint.

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Pharmacist counseling

The ECO Pharmacy pharmacist advise patients about general health topics, such as diet, exercise, drug interactions and stress management, and provide information on products and services related to diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, high blood pressure and administer vaccinations.

Wellness Programs

We design health solutions to match your needs and develop a relationship that delivers great results for your overall wellness and happiness.  One core element of our Smart Pharmacy program is how easy it is for our customers to get the information they are looking for related to their overall health.

Senior Programs

Our staff members spend time with our senior customers and their caregivers in assisted living centers to understand the residents needs and help build a custom overall health care plan.  Next we design customer specific health solutions targeting overall wellness and happiness for our customers.

Medication reviews

A good medication history should encompass all currently and recently prescribed drugs, previous adverse drug reactions including hypersensitivity reactions, any over-the counter medications, including herbal or alternative medicines, and adherence to therapy.

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